Sunday, January 8, 2012

blu scout from TF2

The new year has arrived, and I have told myself that I need to update my blog on a regular basis. So, I will start today!
The new year has brought a lot of resolutions for me, one of which is doing a juice cleanse for 60 days. I will starting this tomorrow, and I am beyoooond excited to get healthy!! I am going to track my journey on another blog of mine, that I will post a link to at a later date!
But... Back to the subject of this post, I was asked to make a crochet version of the Blu Scout from Team Fortress 2 for a Christmas comission. I was so anxious to start this project since I've been mainly making hats in the recent months.
I based him on a doll I found online but made the pattern up by myself. I was shocked by how easy he worked up, and I was extremely proud of him!